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Central VA Families Celebrate National Adoption Day

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More than 200 children in central Virginia are living in foster care, waiting to find a forever family.  Saturday, communities all across the country are celebrating successful family matches on this National Adoption Day.

Colleen Tuite adopted all seven of her children through the foster care system.  She said, "Children need families and adoption is one way to make that happen for so many kids that are waiting in Virginia."

At the Blue Ridge Community Church on Saturday, the Tuites joined other adopting families to celebrate how foster care can lead to a permanent home for a child in need.  Right now, more than 5,000 children in Virginia are in foster care; 250 of them live in central Virginia.    

"We always need foster homes for children," said Adonice D-Atre, a home finder for DePaul Community Resources.  "Some children have to wait for placement because there's not a home available for them, particularly older teens and children that are a part of a sibling group."

Among Tuite's seven children, three are siblings by blood, and most of her kids were adopted after the age of 5.  Tuite says her clan has an incredibly strong bond.

"When we went to pick up my son Ryan, my other son Nick was in the car and he reached over, and I think he was 4 years old and Ryan was 4, and he reached over and put his hand on his leg and said, Ryan you my brother now and it was heart melting," Tuite said.

She says while adoption is not always easy, it is always rewarding.  "You're still our kid and that's the message that the kids really need to hear and that's what keeps that bond going, that ongoing day-to-day, we're not giving up - no matter what.  That's what family is, whether they're born to you or not," said Tuite.

Tuite says anyone thinking about fostering a child or adoption should take the first step and learn about the process.  

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