Albemarle Police on Lookout for Commercial Vehicle Violations

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Albemarle County Police Department
Press Release

As the result of our continued commitment to highway safety, our officers are on the lookout for commercial motor vehicles with safety violations.

On Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 an officer with the Albemarle County Traffic Unit observed a commercial motor vehicle that appeared to be significantly overweight while crossing a small bridge in Batesville.  The truck was hauling logs across a bridge with a 36,000 pound weight limit.  Our officer stopped the truck to weigh and inspect it.  The vehicle was 59,600 pounds over the designated weight limit for the bridge.  As a result, the driver was fined $26,867 and the vehicle was taken out of service for safety violations.  The vehicle was three times the allowed weight for the bridge, therefore the fine is tripled.   As with all overweight fines, the money goes back to the state for roadway repairs.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles are asked to pay close attention to weight limits.  This is a safety concern for the community and we will continue to monitor it in an effort to maintain safe roadways in Albemarle County.

Carter Johnson
Public Information Officer