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Kaine Heads into Future as Senator-Elect

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Now that the election is over, the focus is shifting to what's next for our country. Democrat Tim Kaine gave his first press conference as senator-elect Wednesday to discuss how he's moving forward.

Kaine says he's ready to get down to business, talking about his plans to reduce the deficit. He also spoke out about his razor-thin win over fellow former Virginia governor Republican George Allen.

The importance of bipartisanship was also stressed by Kaine at Wednesday's press conference.  "The thing that we most need to do in both houses of Congress is really commit to compromise and working together," he said.

Kaine also addressed the issues that he will begin working on once he takes office - fiscal issues and job growth.

"I think there is a huge opportunity that has to be seized in Congress between now and the end of the year, to find a path forward so that we can avoid some of the catastrophic consequences of either deep sequestration cuts or willy-nilly expiration of all the Bush tax cuts," said Kaine.  

He believes those issues rely on the ability of Congress to get along. "I actually believe that the principle shackle around the American economy right now has been congressional dysfunction," said Kaine.

As far as the election is concerned, Kaine says he was happy to see Virginia back on the map. He added that after a tough campaign, person-to-person politics came out on top.

"They saw the targeting, they saw the negative ads, but they weren't impressed by it. Instead they wanted to see the positive vision and they continue to embrace person-to-person politics," said Kaine.  

Kyle Kondik with the University of Virginia's Center for Politics said this election makes Virginia an important political state.

"I think Virginia is a key state.  It kind of looked like it might be going to Romney, but it went with the president. I think it's going to be a bellwether state in American politics going forward here," he said.

Kaine also mentioned that the larger counties in northern Virginia like Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William have shown that they're heavily independent and will vote based on the case each politician makes.

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