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Voters Face Long Lines at Fork Union and Lake Monticello

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Election Day across central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley has gone smoothly in most cases, but at some precincts, there were a few bumps in the road.

Some voters were in and out of the polls within minutes, while others at the Fork Union and Lake Monticello locations weren't so lucky.

People don't usually go to the polls and walk out without casting their ballots, but Lake Monticello voter Michael Thornton had to do just that.

Thornton said, "The weather being what it is, my circumstances with my daughter not feeling well, it's really unrealistic for us to wait outside for an hour and a half."

With a high voter turnout, an hour and a half was the average wait time for voters at Lake Monticello.

"You want to go and vote, you don't want to go and act like you're at Kings Dominion waiting to ride a roller coaster for 30 seconds, which is what it's comparable to," he said.

In Fork Union, a lack of working electronic ballots was the cause of the hold up. "All of us that were voting … were all at one machine," said voter Teresa Sullivan. "There were two other machines in the room. One that had red tape on it and one that was sitting just over to the side."

She said hundreds of people were waiting for the same machine, and even that one seemed to be questionable.

"And then when I got up there and the one machine we did have was acting up, it even makes me wonder if my vote was counted. So I think there's tons of issues to be addressed here," said Sullivan.

Thornton remains hopeful that he will be able to get back over and vote before they close.

"My real hope is that they do adjust it somehow so that people in my situation can actually vote today," said Thornton.

We spoke with the chair of Fluvanna's Electoral Board Tuesday morning. He would not comment on any problems specifically, but did say that everything at the Fork Union location was up and running again. Managers at the Lake Monticello location would not comment on the wait times.

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