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Valley Campaigns Makes Final Push Ahead of Election Day

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The ever-so-tight presidential race has both parties battling for not only swing states, but swing communities. Two of them were in the Shenandoah Valley Monday, where campaign volunteers believe their efforts could "tip the scale."

With the countdown to voting now measured in hours, Republicans and Democrats are making a final push to rally every last supporter. In the meantime, school teachers say all this democracy in action offers a "teachable moment."

The entire student body of Berkeley Glenn Elementary School in Waynesboro is casting ballots on election eve. The vote comes after weeks of helping the kids learn about the major party candidates, and our nation's electoral process.

Second grade teacher Kaeli Spencer, said, "Your rights as an American citizen, your duty to make an informed decision... So that whatever's going on in your country, you can feel you're a part of."

Staunton City Councilor Bruce Elder has a similar message for volunteers in downtown Staunton. The city councilman visited the Democratic headquarters to offer encouraging words to volunteers. They've been working the phones to make sure no voter sits this one out.

Elder said, "It's now a matter of making certain that everybody who has made up their mind gets out and does their civic duty and votes."

Elder points out that the cities of Staunton and Harrisonburg are "swing communities."  Both voted Republican in 2004, but swung toward Barack Obama four years later. That means the Shenandoah Valley could play a key role in whether Virginia goes red or blue.

Elder explained, "The way Staunton goes may tip the scale one way or the other in this election. That's why all these people are out here working so furiously."

Republicans are also making an 11th hour pitch to valley voters. GOP heavy hitters former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli just finished a rally with Mitt Romney supporters in Harrisonburg.

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