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Battered By Political Ads, Counting Down to Election Day

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People are counting down the days until the election. Many are excited to find out who will win, others are just glad the political ads are leaving their living rooms.

"I'm ready for it to be done," said Albemarle County resident Bill Heapes.

Lake Monticello resident Dellie Bauman agrees. "It's just been too much, it really is getting ridiculous at this point," she said.

With the election days away, people are sick and tired of the presidential election and new numbers are showing why. A Wesleyan Media Project study found, the two candidates, their party committees, and interest groups sponsored 1,015,615 ads since June 1.

"The commercials for the different parties I'm sorry I've had it up above my head at this point so I'll be glad when Tuesday is over," said Bauman.

The study found a 39.1 percent increase in advertisements over the 2008 election and a 41 percent increase compared to 2004. Voters aren't the only ones who are bombarded with ads, politicians on both sides of the aisle are ready for the ad war to stop.

Virginia House Minority Leader David Toscano says he wants people to talk to neighbors face-to-face instead of letting divisive ads influence them.

"With all the negativity of these super PAC ads that are being put on the airways at tremendous costs, a lot of out of state money trying to go to influence this election, we're saying to people let's get back to basics," he said.

But with just days left to go, Fifth District Republican Rep. Robert Hurt says at this point, the ads aren't the deciding factor. "You've seen all the ads on your television station and every other television station I know people are probably tired of that by now, but with that said, at the end of the day you can't win without a strong ground game," said Hurt.

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