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Orange County to Start Using Smart911 System

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Some amazing technology is coming to Orange County in the near future. It's a new Smart911 system that goes above and beyond what dispatchers and emergency crews have now.

The new Smart911 system will not only get response teams to you sooner, by the time they do get there, they'll know things you might forget to tell them if you're in a panic.

You enter information online, like medicine you're taking or illnesses you may have, and that's not all. Smart 911 is a way for citizens to provide information they think EMS would need to know in the case of an emergency.

Director of Orange County 911 Center Nicola Tidy said the system "lets us know if they've got severe asthma or are allergic to bees, they have an autistic child, or hard of hearing."

The system would not only let you put in details to keep you and your family safe - but animals too. If EMS is called to a farm they will know if there is livestock in a burning barn or not.

"We can alert responders and say barn number four is on fire and cows are kept in this barn," said Tidy.

The system will also hold your address - so even if you call from a cell phone EMS will know where you live. It will get important details a 911 dialer in panic may forget, and from the 911 control room - every bit of information helps.

Tiffany Myers, a 911 communications officer said "When you're dialing 911 you're not in the right set of mind you have an emergency you need help now, if you put all this information into a profile ahead of time your obviously doing that in a sound mind."

When an emergency strikes - time is critical. Orange County Fire and Rescue Chief John Harkness said, "When we can receive medical information such as what type medications a patient is on, what type allergies they have, a medical history, we can process that information in route to an emergency medical response, we're going to be able to help that patient sooner and probably more effectively."

The program will not be up and running for a few weeks but the time to create a profile is now. The profile is free and only takes about 10 minutes. Click here to find more information.

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