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Power Crews Prepared for Storm Rolling Through Central VA

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The storm we've been watching and waiting for is rolling through central Virginia Monday night.  Dominion is pulling out all the stops as high winds and rain barrel down on the commonwealth.

Rain is pouring, wind is whipping, and temperatures have dropped significantly across our viewing area.  Power crews are particularly concerned about snow, in addition to the rain and wind.

"The worst of it, we anticipate in this area tonight into tomorrow," said Brandon Stites with Dominion Virginia Power.  "We have over 5,500 people on the ground right now, more on the way. That includes Dominion crews, contract crews, and a lot of out of town support as well."

Crews from as far away as Florida, Alabama, and even Texas are spread out across the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.  The company is paying particular attention to conditions in central Virginia.  The Crozet area has already been hit hard with strong winds and rain.

"Today business was extremely slow," said Brandon Birch with Crozet Pizza. 

Even though the lights were on at Crozet Pizza, the customers were apparently staying home bracing for what's to come.  The establishment says it's not too worried about losing power, and even learned during June's derecho that there is even a bright side to being stuck in the dark.

"Our power was out for a little while and then it came back on," Birch said.  "We don't have power outages too often here, so after that it was fine and we got a lot of business because of it, so that was good."

Dominion says as many as one million people could lose power during Sandy and is keeping a close eye on higher elevations as well.

Stites said, "And certainly one of our concerns out in your viewing area is looking at the prospects for snow and some heavy wet snow and certainly that can affect outages."

Dominion says if you're experiencing outages you can report those at 1-866-DOM-HELP.  There is also a mobile app where you can report outages from smartphones as well.

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