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Roof Experts Offer Advice to Minimize Damage from High Winds

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With high winds and heavy rains from Hurricane Sandy, some people who live in central Virginia are worrying about roof damage. Monday night, there are some major concerns of falling tree limbs and flying shingles.

With the high winds, homes in wooded areas could be in danger of tree limbs falling on the roof. Houses far away from trees could see higher winds and more potential for shingles blowing off the roof. If you see water start to seep into your ceiling, rooftop experts say you should go to your circuit breaker and turn off electricity to that room. The key is minimizing the damage.

Darren Giacolone with Rooftop Services said, "If you have a flat ceiling and the water starts coming in and you see a stain and the water start dripping, you're almost better off taking a broomstick, a handle of a broomstick and poking a hole into the drywall to kind of release the pressure and then have it all go into a bucket or a trash can."

If the damage spreads too much, you could be in danger of having your ceiling collapse. Rooftop Services also advises never to go up on your roof during a storm, it could be slippery and very dangerous. They say stay smart, stay safe and call a roofing company after the storm to check out the damage.

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