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UVA Cancels Classes Due to Storm, Student Services Still Operating

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The University of Virginia canceled classes Monday because of Hurricane Sandy, but the school did not shut down completely. 

A lot of people were still out and about at the university.  Student services were up and running, and designated UVA employees reported to work despite the oncoming storm.

The decision to cancel classes is a major one when so many students and employees are involved.

"I know the president doesn't take canceling classes lightly as a decision, but in this case, the safety of students and employees is the most important thing," said McGregor McCance with UVA Media Relations.

The building referred to as N2 is UVA's temporary dining hall while Newcomb Hall is under construction.  Because of the high winds, the university has decided to close down the structure.

"We expect that the building will be safe and everything will be fine," said Brent Berringer with UVA Dining. However, he added, "There's no reason to find out with a building full of students and full of workers."

Most student services, such as the other dining halls, the gyms, and certain bus routes stayed open.

McCance said, "We have a large student population still on grounds here, and we want to maintain the essential services to help them out."

Despite the storm, students say they're glad to have the day off.

UVA student Micaela Crawford said, "I'm going to try to get some work done today with the couple hours that I got."

"I can catch up on all my ‘Friday Night Lights' and my Netflix because I did all of my homework this weekend," said UVA student Helen Ardila. 

UVA student Matt Florence said, "Hopefully it gets worse and we maybe don't have class tomorrow, but I'm just happy we don't have class today."

UVA Dining says they've brought in extra staff and extra food in case of power outages.  There is word yet about classes Tuesday, but the university says that decision will probably be made Monday night. 

Any UVA employee who doesn't know whether or not they should report to work should talk to their supervisor.

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