UVA Students Create 'Foodio' App

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A new smartphone application developed in Charlottesville promises to make it easier to order takeout and delivery with your friends.

The Android app is called "Foodio". Each person enters their order, credit card number, and the amount they owe.

The app places one order to the restaurant, but splits the bill. The University of Virginia students who created the app say it takes the hassle out of ordering food in a group.

Rory Stolzenberg, one of the app developers, said, "You are ordering pizza or Chinese food with a couple friends and someone has to put everything on their credit card. And they'll pay you back, but they'll never pay you back, and that's a hassle. So we thought, what if there was an app that let you all pay on your own credit card."

Five Charlottesville restaurants - including Little Johns and Slice Pizza are using the app. The student developers are now working on a version for the iPhone.