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Both Sides of Blue Ridge Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

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Central Virginia and the valley are gearing up for the impact from Hurricane Sandy. People are stocking up on storm supplies at hardware stores on both sides of the Blue Ridge Saturday.

Brian Cecil, the manager of Martin's Hardware Store, says there are basic things every household needs to grab now instead of waiting until the storm hits.

"Anything you would need if you don't have electricity for some people that means generators and for other people it just means candles or flashlights, a way to provide light," he said.

The hardware store says people are not only gearing up to protect their own personal safety, but they're also trying to prevent outdoor belongings from becoming damaged during the storm's expected high winds and heavy rains.

Tree companies are also advising homeowners to look overhead. If you have an old or lingering tree above your home it's probably too late to get it removed - however it's not too late to prevent an accident.

Mike Umstadter, with Final Touch Tree Service, said, "The best thing to do is sleep at the end of the house, the opposite end of the house. It's not going to stop it from falling on your house, but it will stop you from getting injured."

Shoppers like Cynthia Gast lined the checkout lane with batteries and flash lights in hand to stay safe if they get stuck in the dark.

"I'm here getting some more lanterns and batteries so that I have enough light in case we lose power for a while," said Gast.

During and after the storm, drivers should slow down and keep an eye out for debris on the roads. Also, if a tree and power lines fall in your yard, do not touch them. The tree itself can be energized from electricity and it's safer to stay away and call professionals to help.

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