Dumler Released on $50,000 Bond

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The Albemarle County supervisor facing a felonious sex charge is out of jail Friday night. Chris Dumler posted bond Friday afternoon with the help of a well-known Albemarle County Democrat.

Cynthia Neff came to Chris Dumler's side Friday, offering up her own house as collateral to get Dumler out of jail.

Dumler avoided cameras when the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail's superintendent allowed him to leave through a different door than all other inmates. Colonel Ronald Matthews says it was the first time a request like that was made and he granted it.

Dumler has been charged with one count of forcible sodomy. During his hearing, Dumler appeared through a video uplink. The judge gave the Albemarle County supervisor a $50,000 secured bond and said he can't have contact with the victim.

Special prosecutor Jeff Haislip said he is "moving toward a preliminary hearing. Getting as much evidence together as I can. I just had this case for about 24 hours now, so I'm looking forward to talking with the investigators again and meeting with the victim and move forward."

Court records indicate that Dumler had anal intercourse with his female victim through force, threat or intimidation. Dumler's attorney had no comment on the way out of the courtroom.

Dumler will have a preliminary hearing which is set for December 13.

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