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Voter Registration Applications Go Public

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In an unprecedented ruling, hundreds of thousands of voter registration applications are going public, which include sensitive information that had remained under lock and key.  Now anyone has access to it.

Until Friday, most of the information on a voter registration application had been kept private, protected by law.  That's now changed.

The Virginia State Board of Elections sent out an email Friday to all voter registrars saying voter registration applications are now a public record.  The only piece of information that won't be available is your social security number.

The federal ruling says even the addresses of protected people including police officers, judges or those who have restraining orders will be public.

"We've always told voters and we've always been told that the voter registration application is a sensitive piece of information, and it's confidential and we pride ourselves in our security in our office," said Charlottesville Voter Registrar Sheri Iachetta. 

The change comes after Project Vote sued the Virginia State Board of Elections in federal court in 2010.  The Virginia State Board of Elections is appealing the decision.

The ruling only applies to voter registration applications that were entered on or after July 20, 2011.  However, even if you registered before then, if you moved, changed your name or address, a new date is generated on your application you would be affected by this decision.

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