Affirmative Action Case to be Heard by Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court of the Unites States will begin hearing arguments Wednesday in a case that could change the admissions process at public universities.

A University of Virginia professor is speaking out about its impact on affirmative action. The Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments Wednesday in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case for and against the practice of using race as a factor in the admissions process. The case is an important one because the court heard an affirmative action case at the University of Michigan not too long ago.

University of Virginia Law professor Deborah Hellman says the diverse dynamic of schools will change drastically if race is no longer a deciding factor in admissions.

"If public universities are unable to use race at all in part of their admissions policies, you're likely to see a significant decline in admissions of racial minorities in many, many public universities particularly the flagship state universities like the University of Texas at Austin," said Hellman.

She adds that the makeup of an educational environment should not be something for the courts to weigh in on. The courts are expected to have a decision sometime early next year.

Reported by Marcella Robertson