Perriello Helps to Rally Douglass Supporters in Albemarle

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Former 5th District Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello is supporting John Douglass in his race to unseat Republican Rep. Robert Hurt.

Sunday evening, Perriello joined Douglass and a group of supporters in Albemarle County to talk about the final days of the campaign. Douglass, a retired Brigadier General in the United States Air Force, says his voice will be heard in a different way in Washington if he's elected.

"I'll be the only general officer in either the House or the Senate. This is the first time since George Washington's time that our Congress, and you know the House and the Senate, haven't had at least one flag officer, a general or admiral, so my voice will be heard in a different way," said Douglass.

Perriello added, "General Douglass is so clearly a guy who's just fighting for basic fairness, it's not really an issue of being on the far left or far right. It's just fairness that people who work hard and play by the rules should have a chance to make it."

Perriello served one term in the House before losing the 5th District seat to Hurt in 2010.

Reported by Molly Balkenbush