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One Month to Election Day Both Parties Work to Get Out the Vote

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Voters head to the polls one month from Saturday. With November 6 closing in, campaign volunteers in central Virginia are working to keep votes they already have and influence undecided voters.

Charlottesville Republican and Democratic volunteers say enthusiasm is increasing every day that we get closer to the election. They say at this point in the race every day counts. With a month remaining until voters head to the polls, the pressure is on.

Charlottesville Democrats Chair Jim Nix said, "The last month is the most exciting and most intense part of the campaign and we've been working all year talking to voters and that's what we're going to continue to do."

Charlottesville Democrats are making calls to remind voters November 6 isn't far away. Saturday, Republicans rallied supporters by phone and door-to-door as part of the party's nationwide super Saturday.

Cindi Burket, with Albemarle County Republicans, said, "We are confident but you know what, we also always think that you're running 10 points behind and that's exactly how they tell you and we will think that way all the way through."

Analysts at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics say the candidates will key in on their base voters during these final few weeks.

Geoff Skelley, with UVA Center for Politics, said, "There are voters that can be won over but the problem is, with the actual swing voters that are out there, they are usually the least engaged and least informed so they are basically the least certain to show up on Election Day."

Campaign volunteers around Charlottesville are continuing to energize voters, regardless if they're on the fence about which candidate gets their support.

"It's just one-on-one, you know, talk to your neighbor, talk to the lady in the grocery store line," said Burket.

Nix added, "What's most effective is face to face contact with a member of the community."

President Obama and Mitt Romney will face off for their next debate on October 16. It will be in the form of a town hall meeting where people will get to ask the candidates about foreign and domestic issues.

Reported by NBC29's Molly Balkenbush

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