UVA Football Manager Turned Player

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A Cavalier has defied the odds and gone from being the UVA Football team manager to earning a spot on the roster.

Jacob Hodges job as the football holder takes about 3 seconds. But in a game of inches, his touch on the ball can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Hodges said, "I got out there in the games and started to realize this is kind of important when its actually your only job."

While most don't give credit to the thankless job of being a football Holder, they also don't realize how far Hodges has come to suit up on gameday.

As a team manager he used to spend his time shagging balls or setting up drills for his specific position coach.

He enjoyed being a part of the program so much he took advantage of an opening on UVA's special teams unit and tried out.

Hodges said, "One of the players told me if I wasn't fully dedicated to football then it probably wasn't the a great idea. I found out what he meant right away. Playing football is like having a full time job."

Hodges took go hard or go home to the next level and snagged a spot on UVA's roster. Hodges added,"I want to be the hardest worker I can be. So if my teammates see that the holder is working hard then man, I need to work hard."

And his teammates take note of his work ethic. UVA Long Snapper, Matt Fortin said, "we're pretty close we spend a lot of time together, whether its practice or lifting. He's done a nice job of earning this team's respect."

Hodges hopes to prove that if you have a positive outlook, anything is possible. He said, "A lot of people probably didn't think I had a good shot at playing football at the University of Virginia. At one point, I even believed it myself, but I just worked hard."