Romney Campaign to Draw out Supporters at Valley Rally

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The Republican presidential campaign wants to be surrounded by thousands of supporters, just after the first debate Wednesday night.

Political observers say Thursday's rally in Augusta County should certainly fit the bill. Country music, fireworks and a deeply conservative crowd should create the ideal setting for Republican Mitt Romney to re-energize his campaign. That's according to a James Madison University political analyst, who says the Fishersville event is truly aimed at a national audience.

Crews are busy preparing Augusta Expoland for the Thursday evening rally with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and country music star Trace Adkins. GOP reps tell us the event should motivate voters in the valley. But JMU analyst Bob Roberts says the campaign needs to draw at least 5,000 people to help create a national "bandwagon effect."

"They don't need it to turn out the vote in Augusta County. And then therefore, everyone in the world is asking, why come here? These people are going to vote 70 percent for you anyhow. It has nothing to do with Augusta County. It's a setting. It's a perfect backdrop for what they want to do the last three weeks," said Roberts.

Free tickets for the Thursday rally are available online, and at Republican offices in Staunton, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville.