16th Vegetarian Festival Focuses on Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted: Updated: Sep 29, 2012 08:52 PM EDT

Living an all-around healthy lifestyle was the focus of a festival in Charlottesville Saturday. Lee Park played host to the 16th annual Vegetarian Festival.

The event aimed to give visitors ideas on how to live a more well-rounded lifestyle, whether by eating healthier foods, doing yoga, or adopting a pet. An animal rescue group says the festival is always a great place to find owners for abandoned pets.

Maya Prou, with Hope Equine Rescue, said, "I find that people that are sort of interested in the vegetarian lifestyle are usually very concerned about animals."

Daria Brezinski, an attendee, said, "This year far exceeds everything I've ever seen before. They have new people who are here, classes over at the library educating people, cooking lessons, I mean it's been fantastic."

The festival also featured live music, booths with jewelry and gifts, along with lots of vegetarian foods.

Reported by Molly Balkenbush