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Living Wage Protesters Call for Change at UVA

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Faculty and students stood together at the University of Virginia Friday night with a list of demands. It was part of a living wage rally calling for change among the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors.

Protesters say it's time for the so called "culture of secrecy" to come to an end.

"They've had careers in other fields, which is great, but just because you know how to run a company, doesn't mean you know how to run a university," said Dannah Dennis, a UVA Ph.D. student.

Demonstrators at the living wage rally say even though it's been months since President Teresa Sullivan was ousted and later reinstated by the board of visitors, the university community still has a right to answers.

"The values that we all cherish are values that have to do with this issue of transparency. Clarity of explanation, investigation into obscure and difficult questions," said Chip Tucker, an English professor at UVA.

Dennis added, "We've been hearing a lot from the board of visitors about how we need to move on and just move forward and forget about what happened, and I feel that's really not appropriate."

Ralliers signed a scroll petition in support of change along with publicly expressing a list of demands. Those include a transparent budgetary process and a reformed appointment process for the board. Protestors also want to see the lowest paid workers compensated so they don't have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet.

Tucker stated, "I think these people are largely transparent in a bad sense, or invisible to folks who are taking a long view of occasional visits to the university."

"The visitors are exactly that, they're visitors. They are not invested in the community here in the sense that they have devoted their lives to serving this institution," said Dennis.

Demonstrators are also demanding for a full account of President Sullivan's forced resignation, and are asking for voting faculty and staff members on the board.

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