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Charlottesville City Council Participates in Saloon Sound Test

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Charlottesville City Council held a meeting Wednesday, but this time the venue was a little different.  They were at a saloon.

City council participated in a sound test to see if the Black Market Moto Saloon is the culprit behind noise complaints in the Woolen Mills Neighborhood.

At one point, the saloon had to stop having live music because they didn't have a permit.  Black Market Moto Saloon owner Matteus Frankovich applied for a special use permit for a music hall, and received preliminary approval from the Charlottesville Planning Commission on September 11.  One of the conditions of approval was that noise was limited to 75 decibels.

Wednesday's sound test wrapped up around 10:15 p.m., and the results showed the saloon was well under 75 decibels.

Councilors, along with an officer, went to different areas of the property line as music came from the club.  Three songs were played covering three different genres including "Revolution" by the Beatles and "Hard Knock Life" by Jay-Z to see if there would be a difference in terms of bass.  All three songs were under 75 decibels, averaging in the lower 60s.

"Things have just gotten a little too far off center with personalities going against each other, so hopefully this sound test will bring us back to center and give us, like I said, some objective information to work with," Frankovich said.

Charlottesville Vice Mayor Kristin Szakos said, "We're looking for another data point that we can really say, are they under? Can they be under? Are they way over? Just so we have some real data to look at."

City council is expected to make a decision regarding the special use permit to play live music at its meeting next Monday.  Szakos says the test will play a role in the council's decision, but it won't necessarily be the end all and be all of how it plans to move forward.

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