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Charlottesville Gas Station Rolls Back Prices to 2009

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Tuesday, the political battle between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took an interesting turn in Charlottesville.

A Tennessee-based political action committee called Energize America paid to have a gas station roll back fuel prices to what they were the day Obama took office.  That attracted a load of drivers, and a few police too.

From the volunteers, to the drivers, and WINA conservative talk show host Rob Schilling, the Shell gas station on Preston Avenue became the hottest spot to be.

"A friend of mine called me while I was sitting at home relaxing, so I decided to get up and come and put gas in the car," said Towanda Hammond, a Charlottesville driver.

Paying $1.84 for a gallon of regular gas is not something Americans have seen since President Obama took office in 2009, and that is the message for the campaign, "Gas Can Man".  It is the brainchild of Energize America.  Volunteers go across the country and roll back prices to the day President Obama took office.

Schilling said, "We have a backward energy policy in the United States of America and it's hurting people and so we wanted to make a statement."

A political statement for sure, but the only thing most people heard was cheap gas.

Charlottesville police heard about it when the political statement became a traffic jam.  Officers forced people to pass the great deal by, and hurt a few feelings in the process.

"I got up here to the station, there was actually room for me to pull in.  My trunk was over the sidewalk and the policemen came up and said he was going to write me a ticket for blocking traffic," said Betty Sevachko, a Charlottesville driver. 

In the end, Sevachko moved on without the cheap gas, but 100 other lucky drivers went back to 2009 prices, and saved nearly $2 a gallon.            

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