Art Buddies Program Launches in Charlottesville

Posted: Updated: Sep 22, 2012 09:27 PM EDT

Saturday kicked off the first day of an arts mentoring program in Charlottesville. The Art Buddies program pairs University of Virginia students with Charlottesville Public School students to attend art events together throughout the year.

Each of the 27 students gets their own mentor that goes with them to concerts, museums and step shows. The program aims to expose music and art to students while they're still young.

Bonne Gorden, UVA associate producer of music, said, "The idea is to expose children who don't get a lot of arts to the arts, so that when they're able to experience the arts for free in the public schools, they'll perhaps be more interested in doing that. I guess the theory is exposure will also breed the desire to make art."

Saturday afternoon the Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival held a private concert at UVA for the students and their mentors. Students also got a chance to learn about musical instruments.

Reported by Molly Balkenbush