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Martha Jefferson Monday: How Do I Get a Healthy Glow Back to my Skin?

After spending the summer months at the beach, in the water swimming, or enjoying other outside activities, our skin can take quite a hit, and our natural, healthy glow might disappear.  

"Even though you feel you can tolerate sun, you probably never burn and you have the skin type that you feel can protect you against the sun, the ultraviolet rays are still damaging," said Dr. Anna Magee a dermatologist with Charlottesville Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine & Laser Institute.  

The signs of too much sun are easy to see.  

"As we get more sun in our skin, you'll see freckling, you'll see brown spots, and you'll see lines developing around the eyes, the forehead, around the mouth area and around the lips."  

The good news is, if you have experienced this type of damage, there are things you can do to fix the problem and get your healthy skin back.  

"There are things you can do at home, such as using exfoliating products," said Magee. "You can also do chemical peels or you can do microdermabrasion, which is another way of exfoliating." 

When you do these types of things, Magee says you're helping to promote a nice, fresh appearance and re-growth of new cells to replace the damaged ones.  

In addition, preventing the spots and discoloration in the first place, with things such as good sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and protective clothing, is also key.  

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