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Riddick Declared Incompetent to Stand Trial

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The 25-year-old man charged with murdering three of his Madison County family members in 2011 will not go before a jury anytime soon.    

Rashad Riddick appeared in Madison County Circuit Court Wednesday for another competency hearing, where Judge Daniel Bouton declared him incompetent to stand trial.  This comes just a month and a half after Riddick punched his own defense attorney inside the same courtroom. 

Riddick is accused of murdering his uncle, James Clarke Jackson, Jackson's wife Karen, and her daughter Chante Davis in February 2011.  He faces 11 charges, including six counts of capital murder and possession of a sawed-off shotgun. 

Wednesday, under heavy restraints, Riddick sat idly as experts weighed in on his ability to stand trial.  The court has met three times since May to determine Riddick's competence.    

The defense had long maintained Riddick was competent, but that changed when Riddick assaulted his defense counsel, Joseph Flood, last month.  During that hearing, he started yelling expletives at the judge before striking Flood in the face. 

Before that, Riddick spent 30 days under psychiatric evaluation at Central State Hospital. 

In light of last month's outburst, sheriff's deputies heavily restrained Riddick for court and seated him about 10 feet away from his attorneys - at their own request.

 Madison County Sheriff Erik Weaver said, "If anything did occur again today, we wanted to make sure he is not injured or any other court personnel, so we beefed up our security." 

In court Wednesday, the defense presented evidence to show their client is, at least for now, not fit to stand trial. Mental health experts called to testify say evidence suggests Riddick suffers from a rare illness called paranoid delusional disorder.  Riddick's documented violent, paranoid, and uncooperative behavior helped lead them to that conclusion. 

In court, Commonwealth's Attorney George Webb said that although he believes Riddick is exaggerating the symptoms of his mental illness, he has no basis to counter the court's ruling. All experts testifying Wednesday told the judge that there is no evidence that he is faking his psychosis. 

Riddick will again be sent to Central State Hospital for treatment. He will appear back in Madison County Circuit Court on December 13 for a status update. In light of Riddick's attack on his attorney last month, the court will also consider a motion by the prosecution suggesting defense counsel Joseph Flood withdraw from the case.

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