Darden Graduate Creates Interactive Child Toy

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A University of Virginia graduate has created a high-tech toy that's taking play pals to a new level.

Tom Giedgowd graduated this past May from UVA's Darden School of Business, and is the creator of TeeGee. He says it is the "smartest stuffed animal in the universe."

Parents download apps using an iPhone or iPod, and then TeeGee will play games, sing songs, and even teach Spanish and math to children. TeeGee will also grow with children by allowing more age appropriate apps with interactive accessories as a they get older.

Giedgowd received an $8,000 grant from Darden's Business Incubator to bring the customizable stuffed animal to life.

"We are currently raising money to do our first production run but we're also looking to try to sell the concept, sell the technology to a larger manufacturer," Giedgowd said.

The estimated retail price for TeeGee is $49.95. Giedgowd says production costs are relatively low because the stuffed animal uses an iPhone or iPod instead of an internal computer.

Giedgowd hopes to have TeeGee on store shelves by next summer.