Efforts Continue in Charlottesville to find Morgan Harrington’s Killer

Posted: Updated: Aug 11, 2012 09:39 PM EDT

The search for Morgan Harrington's killer continues in Charlottesville. On Saturday, members of the organization Help Save the Next Girl were back in the city, pushing the latest image of the murder suspect. Members are confident their efforts are making a difference.

They say several phone calls have come into police since relaunching their canvassing efforts in the city and Albemarle County, and they want to continue to capitalize on the momentum.

Harrington was last seen outside a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville in October 2009. Her body was found in January 2010 on Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County.

"We're not here as vigilantes trying to catch the murderers. We're here to talk to the person who knows who this person is," said Kenny Jarels, a volunteer with Help Save the Next Girl.

Members of Help Save the Next Girl were back in Charlottesville reaching out to customers at the Foods of All Nations, a store just miles from where Harrington was last seen alive at the Copley Road Bridge.

"They don't know if she was abducted at Copley Bridge or if she was hitchhiking on Ivy Road. The scent of the bloodhound actually picked up near where we're standing at the Foods of All Nations," said Jarels.

"In that 10 minutes, anything could have happened. She could have gotten in a car with someone or she could have walked somewhere," said volunteer Amanda St. Clair.

Campaign volunteers strongly believe the killer is still in the area or at a minimum, people who know him are. The group says a number of tips have come into police since they have focused on pushing the updated image of the suspect.

"The tough task that the police have is taking that information and deciding whether it is something that's valid or if it's something that needs to be put aside and come back and look at later," said Jarels.

But Saturday wasn't just about Harrington's case, it was also about making sure other girls who have gone missing aren't forgotten.

"Time goes by and people forget about them. And I think this is wonderful for keeping her memory alive, but also hope that they will find whoever abducted her and did this horrible, horrible thing," said Terri Campbell, a supporter of Help Save the Next Girl.

The next canvassing event is scheduled for August 25, but a location has not been confirmed. Morgan Harrington's story is set to appear on "America's Most Wanted" in October. That month will mark three years since her disappearance.