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Large Snake Spotted in Seminole Square Shopping Center

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A big snake is on the loose near Charlottesville's Seminole Square Shopping Center.

Employees of the Boathouse Grill describe the snake as being about 9 feet long and as wide as a full paper towel roll.  Although it's unclear what kind of snake it is, it gave the employees an eyeful last Friday.

Another witness who wishes to remain anonymous says the snake escaped from the back door of Pete's Pet Forum, a business that recently closed down in the shopping center. NBC29 did try to reach out to Pete's Pet Forum, but we have not heard back.

Around 9:30 p.m., Boathouse Grill workers say they witnessed a big snake strangling a possum steps away from the restaurant in Charlottesville.  Members of the kitchen staff tried to kill it before it took the possum's life.

Katlynn Payne, a hostess at Boathouse said, "They had like a kitchen knife, but it was on a stick and they tied it on there and they were just kind of stabbing it to get it off the possum."

But they were too late.  The possum died and the snake slithered away.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says it was someone's pet and it won't harm humans because it is domesticated, but some are scared for their safety.

Payne said, "It was pretty scary knowing that a big snake was behind the place that I work."

Others feel the snake is harmless. Boathouse restaurant owner Al Chadsey explained, "I don't see where anybody would be in any danger of a big snake being down there - maybe a small dog, and that's about it."

The Virginia Department of Gaming and Inland Fisheries says the snake will not survive once the weather get cooler, and for that reason, they don't see it as a threat to native wildlife in Charlottesville.

Great Eastern Management Company
Press Release

Great Eastern Management Company, which manages Seminole Square Shopping Center, issued this statement today to provide clarification regarding the story about a snake reported in the vicinity of Boathouse Restaurant.

The terrarium found behind Bounce-n-Play at Seminole Square, as pictured in the photo on this morning's Daily Progress front page, belongs to Bounce-n-Play. The owner purchased a 14-inch bearded dragon at the end-of-June sale at Pete's Pet Forum. The 18- by 36-inch terrarium in which it was sold was not large enough to hold the bearded dragon, and the owner placed the recently cleaned out terrarium behind her business. The bearded dragon is in Bounce ‘n Play's possession.

The article also states that an albino Burmese python was on consignment at Pete's Pet Forum. That 11-foot snake remained unsold, and its owner retrieved it from the pet store on June 23. Great Eastern Management today contacted the owner, who stated the python is still in the owner's possession.

No other large reptiles were in the store either at the beginning or end of the sale.

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