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Martha Jefferson Monday: What to Eat When its Hot

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During the sizzling hot summer temperatures, the food you eat can affect how you feel.

 "In general in the summer months, of course you always want to follow your body and your body is really going to lead you towards cooler meals and higher water content meals and actually smaller meals," said Catherine Boucher, a Registered Dietician at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

We can hydrate our bodies both through what we drink, as well as what we eat.

"Of course people think about watermelon, but other fruits and vegetables like apples and eggplant and things like that can be a great addition to your diet," Boucher said.

For our kids- the same is true- keep it cool.

Boucher continued, "My kids love cheese, crackers and vegetables, especially if I give them some kind of dip, so I'll either make a low fat salad dressing or buy a low fat salad dressing."

When it comes to beverages, don't forget that some things we put in our bodies can actually have a negative effect on hydration.

"Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your body, so in the summer months, when you're sweating, you really want to make sure that you're drinking more water," advised Boucher.

While water is good, by itself, it's not enough.

"Your body definitely needs electrolytes, so if you're working outside or if you're just playing outside and sweating a lot you do want to replace with more than just water, so Gatorade is a great option for folks," said Boucher.

Pedialyte is also a great substitute if you're concerned about too much sodium.

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