UVa Interim President Meets with Faculty Senate

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It's being called a productive meeting in the wake of Teresa Sullivan's ousting.

The University of Virginia's Faculty Senate Executive Committee sat down with Interim President Carl Zeithaml.

It was a closed door meeting, so our crew could not see how the conversation unfolded, but both sides did come out after and answered questions. They spent about an hour in the meeting this morning off grounds.

Zeithaml says it was good conversation where they explored all of the issues. Those include the circumstances surrounding Teresa Sullivan's resignation, the Board of Vistors' selection of Zeithaml and the future of UVA.

The faculty senate released a statement following the meeting and says the lines of communication remain open.

"It was a very productive discussion, very candid, very frank, very cordial," said George Cohen of the faculty senate.

"My goal in this is to have an open, honest transparent trusting dialogue," said Zeithaml.

Zeithaml says the interim spot is going to be a difficult job, but he's meeting with groups to ask them to give him a chance to move UVA forward. The interim president has a number of meetings set for today. On the list includes vice presidents and other university leadership.

Meanwhile, Faculty, who are also Alumni, are still fighting for change.

They have issued a letter to Governor Bob McDonnell. This letter reinforces their stand in asking for answers from the Board of Visitors, Teresa Sullivan to be reinstated, and Helen Dragas to resign. The group bases this letter around upholding the values of Thomas Jefferson's legacy.

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