Scottsville Town Council Sends Safety Recommendations to VDOT

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The intersection of Scottsville Road and James River Road in Albemarle County has been the scene of several accidents, including one recently that was fatal.  Now the members of Scottsville's Town Council are taking action.

Monday night, they passed a resolution to send safety improvement recommendations to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  

Their main concern is a blind spot as drivers cross Scottsville Road at the intersection. It makes oncoming, fast-moving traffic harder to see, until it's nearly too late.

"Hopefully it will solve the occurrence of accidents and injuries to our citizens.  We don't want any more bad accidents at this corner," said Scottsville's Mayor Jesse Grove.

The town council's recommendations include putting up a blinking yellow sign that notifies drivers that they're approaching a dangerous intersection, and restriping the intersection so cars have to turn in ways that will give them better visibility.

The recommendations are slated to be sent by Tuesday evening.