UVA Rotunda Marked with Message Spelled Out to BOV

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The University of Virginia's historic rotunda has taken a direct hit over the controversial ouster of UVA President Teresa Sullivan.  

During the early morning hours, vandals spray painted the word "greeed" (with an extra "e") on the columns on the front of the rotunda. A security guard noticed the very large and public message about 3:30 Monday morning.

The message is located on the side that faces University Avenue, and is visible from Madison Hall, where the UVA Board of Visitors will meet later Monday.      

Maintenance crews say they think it was done with a red dye. It's proved to be challenging for them to work on removing the graffiti. Crews say they're hoping to get the message off the columns by the end of the day.     

At this point, UVA police don't have any suspects.

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