UVA Gynecologist Speaks Out Ahead of Abortion Regulation Approval

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A nationally-recognized gynecologist at the University of Virginia is speaking out against state abortion regulations set to be approved Friday.

Doctor James Ferguson participated in a panel last year to draft new rules for women's health clinics.  But he says the regulations in front of the board of health go too far, requiring clinics that perform abortions to follow the same guidelines as full-fledged hospitals.

Ferguson says that's not the case for other clinics that perform dentistry or liposuction.  "I worry that it's politics and I worry that it's a legislature or legislation that is guided by certain agendas rather than the best interest of women's healthcare," he said.

Ferguson says the rules could force rural clinics to close or make access to healthcare too expensive for some women.  Supporters of the regulations say they'll better protect women's health.