Multimedia Campaign Launched in Harrington Murder Case

Posted: Updated: Jun 18, 2012 05:20 PM

Major developments are emerging Monday night in the disappearance and death of Morgan Harrington.  A publicity campaign to splash a new sketch of the suspect on billboards is about to get underway.

The Washington, DC FBI field office collaborated with Virginia State Police to come up with a new computer enhanced sketch of Morgan Harrington's killer.

Two updated composites have been released.  They'll be used as part of a multimedia campaign which includes billboards similar to the ones used to find the East Coast serial rapist.

Morgan's mother Gil Harrington traveled to Charlottesville Monday to talk about the new campaign.  She said, "It looks like, to me the most frightening thing about it is that it doesn't look like the face of evil.  It looks like a regular person walking around."

The latest images come from a suspect sketch done in 2005, where a man sexually assaulted a woman in Fairfax city.  Virginia State Police say there is a forensic link between the two cases.  Morgan's mother says the new sketches are more recognizable and frightening.

"Now we have a strong image and if you are one of those who has had some suspicions or concerns and the hair on your neck has gone up a couple of times, don't filter, call the police," said Gil Harrington.

Morgan was last seen on the Copeley Road Bridge following a Metallica concert in October 2009.  Her body was found on a southern Albemarle County farm in January 2010.

Gil Harrington said, "We want to find this man through investigation.  The use of tools in law enforcement, so that we are using everything within our power, and they are, is really pleasing to us."

Volunteers will be canvassing the North Garden area of Albemarle this weekend with the new sketches.  A state police spokesperson says the multimedia campaign in its entirety will be released in the next week or so.

Gil Harrington says she was briefed by police about the images in the car Monday afternoon.  She learned about them from the media Sunday.  She says the lack of communication is frustrating, but they've come to deal with it and understand it.

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