World's Youngest Monster Truck Drivers Visit Fishersville

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The Augusta Expoland in Fishersville hosted the first ever 'Thunder Freestyle Series' this weekend with the aerial acrobatics of motocross and the car crushing carnage of monster trucks.  

One of the biggest fans favorites at the event was also one of the smallest.

"I went to a monster truck show when I was three-years-old," says eight-year-old KJ Olson-Weston, "and I said I wanted to be a monster truck driver."

KJ's father Tod Weston says, "Well, I got him a 'Grave Digger' go-kart. I looked at that thing, and said, 'This is it, the kid's gonna love this,' and when I showed it to him, he was expressionless...absolutely blank-faced."

"I said it wasn't a real one," says KJ.

Tod Weston says, "'He said, 'That's not the big one.' I said, 'What?!?' 'That's not the big one.'"

When the battery operated truck failed to do the trick, Tod Weston make the next logical move. He bought the big one and soon followed with a half-scale 'Mini-Monster,' which was custom built, and had 'Kid KJ' behind the wheel.

"I like going over the cars and crushing all the stuff that's out there," says KJ.

"A lot of people say, 'My kids play soccer,' or 'They play baseball,'" says Tod Weston. "Well mine drive monster trucks."

Both of 'Kid KJ's' parents drive the full size truck, which helps alleviate safety concerns.

"I know how it feels to take the jumps, because I've taken them myself," says KJ's mom, Nancy Olson-Weston, "but they're still my babies."

When he was five-years old, Kid KJ was dubbed the 'Youngest Monster Truck Driver in the World.'

Younger brother Jake has since joined the team, and the seven-year-old has taken over the mantle as the youngest monster truck driver.

Jake Olson-Weston says, "I like being the youngest driver."

"I'm glad for him that he's the youngest, but I'm still the pioneer for driving monster trucks," says KJ.

Team Kid KJ has done over 80 shows around the nation, performing with the biggest names in the sport, even if it's hard for KJ to convince his friends.

"I brought photos in to school, and they said it was Photoshopped," says KJ, with a laugh.

Tod Weston says, "They're out with the same crowd and fan base as the big guys. They are the big guys. It's big and up-and-coming. It's going to be phenomenal."

Seven-year-old Jake says, "It's like the funnest roller coaster ride you've ever been on."  

Jake just finished up kindergarten.

The family is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The 'Mini Monsters' use all the same safety features as the bigger trucks and can cost up to six-figures to build.