Fluvanna School Board Discusses Budget Debate

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Update 05/15/2012:

Fluvanna County continues its budget battle, but one possible solution is now a moot point.

NBC29 has learned the idea to move money for upgrading the 911 system to the schools is no longer an option.

Tuesday Supervisor Bob Ullenbruch, who made the suggestion, says it is 100 percent off the table.

He says after considering reaction from school leaders, supervisors agree they won't be able to shift the money to schools and replace the funding fully.

The continued budget battles in Fluvanna County prompted a special meeting Monday evening for the school board to discuss the deficit details, and what options they may have left. It was the latest step in a tough back-and-forth between the school board and county supervisors.

School board members are working on a proposal to the board of supervisors for additional funding that may be able to open the new school this fall. At their meeting Wednesday night, the school board will request the board of supervisors allot 1 percent of the county's operating budget to help fill funding gaps - an amount totaling around $650,000.

Fluvanna County School Board Chair Camilla Washington says that would allow them to open the new Fluvanna County High School this fall, but not without significant cuts to program offerings.

"With that $650,000 we feel as though we can open the doors of the school," she said. "That also means there will be no career and [technology education] programs that will be started. So it's basically getting kids into the school."

Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Bob Ullenbruch suggested last week, the county could reallocate $1.4 million intended for a new 911 system to help account for school budget constraints. Washington and Fluvanna County Superintendent Gena Keller both say that would be a questionable and potentially dangerous move for the county, and hope to find a less restrictive alternative.

The Fluvanna County School Board will present their proposal during Wednesday night's board of supervisors meeting. The school board will reconvene for its own meeting Thursday morning.