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More Graduates to Face Low Job Prospects

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Universities across the country are less than a month away from sending a new class of graduates out into the workforce to begin careers. But a new study shows too many of them face uncertain futures.

Half of those who get a diploma will probably end up taking it back with them to their parent's house.  Others who succeed in finding jobs will likely be underemployed, using only a fraction of their learned skills.

Andrew Wiseman graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011 with a degree in computer science. Since then, life hasn't changed too much for him.  "It's fun," he said. "I'm not really ready to leave the college environment yet."

As it happens, Wiseman's degree is a competitive one. Computer science is one of the best degrees students can choose if they want a job after graduation, alongside nursing, teaching and accounting. But his job search hasn't been as easy as one might expect.

"I've had a couple of interviews, it's kind of like what are they looking for?" Wiseman said. "Is the person that's getting chose over me that much better?"

According to a new study from the Associated Press, one in two graduates will find themselves unemployed or underemployed after the tassels turn. Wiseman would be considered in the latter group, working as a server, bartender and manager at an area restaurant. But he says his job has been a positive force in his post-graduate life.

"It's almost preparing better for another job, because it teaches me how to think in different ways, solve problems," he said.

Staffing professionals at Robbins Staffing Solutions in Charlottesville say while any sort of employment is a plus, it's best to find something relevant to your chosen career path.

"I think that's great, I think that's positive that people are working. But if you can work in your field, that's even better," said Joyce Robbins.

They say the best thing someone can do to increase their chances at finding a job is networking.

Right now, there is a strong demand for graduates with degrees in science, education, and healthcare. Conversely, students studying in the arts or humanities are those most likely to struggle finding a job.

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