Tiger Fuel Helping Hungry Families in Central VA

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A chain of gas stations and convenience stores is chipping in to help hungry families in central Virginia.

The Tiger Fuel Company has won a grant to support the Nelson County Food Pantry. The Charlottesville-based fuel distributor got the grant through BP's Fueling Communities program.

Tiger Fuel Company, which owns eleven markets in central Virginia, won the $2,500 grant for the Nelson County Food Pantry. The nonprofit in Lovingston is part of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and feeds more than 800 people each month.

Last year the pantry lost hundreds of Thanksgiving turkeys in a broken freezer and spent thousands of dollars to replace the spoiled birds.

Tiger Fuel says its employees appreciate the work the food pantry does and wanted to help.

Stuart Lowry of the Tiger Fuel Company said, "If you've ever driven by there and have seen the lines of people trying to get food who otherwise can't afford it, that moves you to want to nominate such a group to make sure they get funds to help continue their work."

BP started its fueling communities program last year and Tiger Fuel Company has won two grants for central Virginia nonprofits already. The first went to a Nelson County nonprofit. The two grants have donated nearly $6,000.