Stanardsville Revitalization Group Looks to Enhance Downtown

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Downtown Stanardsville is set to get a facelift. A group called Stanardsville Area Revitalization has unveiled its streetscape enhancement plan.

It includes restoring sidewalks and crosswalks, adding curb extensions, streetlights and landscaping. The group hopes the improvements make Stanardsville a more attractive destination for out-of-towners.

Executive Director of Stanardsville Area Revitalization Roy Dye said, "The point being, to make it much more pedestrian friendly, much safer to walk on, improve the attractiveness of the town which we will attract more tourists, visitors and bring new businesses to the area."

Plans are also in the works to install crosswalks from the schools to the shopping center. While engineers anticipate construction to be noisy, the revitalization group is confident that it won't affect downtown businesses.