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Rwalton ‎ - May 21, 2011

I love Bounce N Play. My daughter is about to have her second birthday party there... two years in a row. Its great for her age group. Although I agree that the play area can get crazy, so make sure that your kid is old enough to be in there and can be a little independent in there. I don't think I would let my three year old play in there (if I had one) because it can get rough. But then, people could either not go or be more involved while in the play area. Just because they have people working there shouldn't mean you just let your kids go without monitoring that they are also following the rules. I love how clean it is and also how friendly the staff is. They do a great job with parties. I highly recommend them!


Catherine ‎ - Dec 9, 2010

I was very surprised by the previous review. I take my 4 year old son here all the time, and have found the staff to be very professional. It's not the kind of place where you can leave your kid totally unsupervised, but there are plenty of chairs to watch them in, and I often go up into the bouncy area myself. It's kind of like an indoor park, in that regard - but super clean, with healthy food options and a place for adults to exercise or use WiFi simultaneously. I think they're a great addition to our community and a special place to spend time with my son!


sandaker family ‎ - Jun 5, 2011

BNP was very clean with professional responsive staff. All the equipment is in good repair and offers wick and a cafe. Cafe food is expensive but the bottled drinks are in-line with gas station prices. The place is well lit and easy to find. Prices are great compared to other places that are outside. Temperature is cool but not cold. Very fun place for adults too. They offer comfortable chairs to relax in. And wireless uplinks for the tech dad(using it to type this reveiw) bring your kids and have fun.


Charlottesville, VA

I thought $10 a kid was expensive, particularly since I have three and that more than tops our daily Fun Budget.
Hear me Fellow Parents: it is worth it.  If, however, you are Catholic or from California (like me), you will need to take a deep breath and let go of your ingrained guilt. I spent four hours on my phone, kindle and computer today while my three girls happily romped around with a great range of ages. At one point I turned to my neighbor and said "I'm not sure I have seen my children in an hour." I did repeatedly imagine all the things that I should have worried about and realized that the kids were just fine.
The space is enclosed, they check to make sure that kids are leaving with the same adult they came in with, its very compact and the only threat is from slide burns that seem to afflict everyone. The best part of course, is that they leave lots of room for parents to sit in comfy chairs so your kids can find you to address said burn, complain about a new playmate or ask to feed the giant Koi fish in the pond.  The chairs are conveniently set up right at the entrance to the play space, so you can be reassured that you are in control of the whole situation.
As if this were not enough, just as your kids act a bit bored, they have an Art area. Drained little monkeys can flit in or out of the area to paint on the walls or do "free" art projects.
I looked around at all the other parents who were happily engrossed in their own lazy and selfish endeavors, which helped me to realize that I don't live in CA anymore and I can enjoy these simple pleasures!