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Occupy the Courts Protest Fights Super PAC Ruling

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A move is on in Charlottesville to stop corporations from hiding how much money they give to super political action committees, or super PACs. Two groups took a stand in front of the federal courthouse Friday, to protest a Supreme Court decision two years ago.

The groups protesting Friday were Move to Amend and Occupy Charlottesville. They want to see full disclosure by corporations when it comes to donations to super PACs. Protestors in Charlottesville and about a hundred cities across the nation want to see this decision overturned.

Both groups feel corporations dominate the political process by being able to give mass amounts of money to these super PACS, and influence politicians.

David Swanson of Move to Amend said, "Our courts have given corporations human rights, have given them our bill of rights, have given them our first amendment right to free speech and given them rights that over write our own rights of actual Homo sapiens."

Swanson, who talked at Friday's event is a nationally known author, activist and University of Virginia graduate. His point is this court decision allows corporations to get their collective voices heard through money, and money should not be used as a form of free speech.

A petition is circulating to get the decision overturned, and more than 185,000 people have already signed it.

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