Decision Day for Occupy Charlottesville

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Tuesday is decision day for Occupy Charlottesville. Following a decision by Charlottesville City Council, their time in Lee Park is running out, now the group has to figure out where it will occupy next.

The city says it will give the movement ample time to pack up the tents and vacate the park. If they don't leave, Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris says the plan to remove the protesters is in place. A deadline date has not been set but Norris says they will give the group ample time to clear out before coming in, but if protesters remain, they will be arrested.

Norris said, "The city has been very clear, we're not going to extend the permit and they're going to be in violation of the curfew."

The city is pushing for relocation to McIntire Park, where there is ample space for the sea of tents and no neighbors. But the Occupy Charlottesville group is divided, some saying McIntire is a good idea, others wanting alternative locations and some wanting to remain in Lee Park.

The group will make a decision at its general assembly meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. All have to be in favor of an option for it to pass.   One member of Occupy Charlottesville says any decision on a location must be unanimous. They're preparing to burn the midnight oil on Tuesday.

Bailee Elizabeth of Occupy Charlottesville said, "If I want to move to a certain park and most of the group agrees and somebody doesn't and they block it, we've got to keep talking about it and work out whatever intricacies need to be worked out."

The Rutherford Institute is weighing in on the issue. The founder, John W. Whitehead,  says McIntire Park is not a good site. He suggests in front of city hall on the downtown mall.