Chiropractor Helps Patients and Families with Nutrition

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A Charlottesville chiropractor is focusing on the importance of nutrition to help patients with their necks and back.

Dr. Dolly Garnecki says good nutrition is key to a person's overall health. Her office at Spinal Health and Wellness is filled with contraptions to help her patients with spinal adjustments and rehabilitation.

"I also look at what people use to fuel their bodies," Dr. Garnecki said.

She sees adults and children, part of their treatment includes a discussion about nutrition.

"Americans have gotten more obese. We've gotten increased heart disease, increased diabetes. Even in children starting to get type 2 diabetes and obesity before they're even age 12," Dr. Garnecki said.

She provides patients with healthy recipes and ways they can put more vitamins and minerals into their diet. She also blogs about meals she makes for her family. So far, Dr. Garnecki's message is catching on even among followers and friends including Mara Roberts, a mother of two boys.

"If we want to keep them healthy and keep them from getting sick we would rather give them things that are raw and natural," Roberts said.

Some healthy snacks Roberts prepares for her sons include carrots with hummus, homemade kale chips, date bars and a green smoothie made with spinach and fruit.

"Choosing this lifestyle, there's a learning curve to it. It takes a little bit more time but once you learn it, it actually saves me time because I'm not going to the grocery store as much. I buy in bulk," Roberts said.


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