Albemarle County Voters Await Registration Cards

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Nearly 50,000 people in Albemarle County still haven't gotten their voter registration cards in the mail and that has election officials on edge. They are nervous because this is a redistricting year and for most of the county's 70,000 voters, that means some big changes.

The problem is, without those voter registration cards, many people probably are not even aware of their new polling place. Albemarle County Voter Registrar Jake Washburne is busy making sure people know where to go on November 8.

"The ones of greatest concern to use are these 3,000 to 3,500 voters who live in this area, the northern part of the county," said Washburne.

For those 3,000 or more people, their polling place has changed. It is because of the once a decade redistricting. New voter registration cards are supposed to clear up any confusion, but two weeks before the election, no one in Albemarle County has received one from Richmond. In a redistricting year, all 5 million plus cards come from the capital.

"They have a humongous task of mailing out 5 million or so voter cards, and so they've done it in waves," explained Washburne.

Even more concerning for the county's elections manager is how the cards look.

"Pay attention! Don't throw it in the junk mail," advised Clarice Schermerhorn, Albemarle's elections manager. The card comes in a white, fairly non-descript three-section pamphlet. It may look plain but it's important.

"It tells you where you polling place is. It tells you what voting districts you can expect to see on the ballot, and it gives you our phone number," said Schermerhorn.

Redistricting didn't just change the polling places it may have also changed your representative on the board of supervisors, the house of delegates, or even the state senate. Nearly 50,000 Albemarle County voters will see some sort of change this year.

Those cards have all the pertinent information on it you need to vote, but you don't have to wait to get your card to see some of the changes. Click here to get all that information.