UVA Releases Sustainability Assessment

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The University of Virginia is adding up its losses but that's actually a good thing when it comes to going green.

Less waste, less pollution, and less ignorance are the goals of a new environmental plan on grounds. Students and faculty are focusing on the university's eco-footprint and how to shrink it.

A new sustainability assessment tracks UVA's success at going green and sets goals for the future. Planners, engineers, and professors took part in a discussion on the university's environmental efforts as part of Campus Sustainability Day.

UVA just released its second five-year sustainability assessment. It tracks the university's progress since the first edition.

The university has reached 84 percent of its sustainability goals including starting a car share program, setting up a sustainability minor, and cutting energy costs by more than $2 million.

UVA Sustainability Planner Andrew Greene said, "Five years ago, it was good to have a program and say ‘We have a program. We're happy about that.' I think going forward we say ‘we have a program, and it's performing this well and we can measure it.' So, moving toward integrating metrics into our analysis is a key goal."

The 2011 assessment sets goals to cut UVA's carbon footprint 25 percent by 2025, increase incentives for employee carpools and get students more involved in green efforts on grounds. The university plans to use a points-based system to track every effort.

Click here to read the new sustainability assessment.