Two Year Anniversary of Morgan Harrington Disappearance

Posted: Updated: Oct 17, 2011 02:34 PM EDT

Monday marks the two year anniversary of the disappearance of Morgan Harrington. The Virginia Tech student was last seen at a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, but her killer remains at large.

She was at the concert, left on her own and was never seen again. Her body was found 101 days later on a southern Albemarle County farm. 

Monday morning, Morgan's parents held a news conference along with the Virginia State Police. Dan and Gil Harrington marked the anniversary at the last place their daughter was seen alive - the Copeley Road Bridge.

Investigators say leads continue to pour in. They want to hear from those familiar with Anchorage Farm, where Morgan's body was found.

Her parents continue to put their daughter's case in the spotlight. Gil Harrington, Morgan's mother said, "It's frustrating. You want answers. But you know, I've had to realize that this is out of my hands. I just know I have to do the very best job I can do to keep this in the eyes of the community and to keep shaking the tree. And sooner or later, something will fall out."

The last lead in the case is a DNA connection between Morgan's killer and a man wanted in connection with an abduction and sexual assault in Fairfax County back in September of 2005.

A $150,000 reward is being offered in this case. If you have information, call the Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467.

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