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Occupy Charlottesville Protest Held Saturday

Posted: Updated: Oct 15, 2011 08:35 PM EDT

The protests from Wall Street have spread to Charlottesville. Saturday Occupy Charlottesville marched from McGuffey Park to UVA.  The message was clear - to fight Wall Street's involvement with University of Virginia finances.

"This is our first organized rally together," protester Zac Fabian said. "We are going to rally and march from McGuffey Park to the president's house next to the University of Virginia."

Saturday's group of about 30 protesters insists it has no leader, but UVA grad Zac Fabian is probably the closest thing to it.

"Yeah I guess I'm responsible for it because I have the knowledge," he said. "But I'm trying to just help the movement."

This movement has a message - end Wall Street's involvement with University of Virginia finances.

"You don't feel like you have a voice, you don't feel like your vote matters, you don't feel like, you just feel helpless," Fabian said. "Hopefully people see us and they, you know, support us. That's really all you can ask for."

Some like UVA first year David Fontenot oppose the cause. "I think it's not the most effective way to get a point across," he said. "If they were writing congressmen and being more politically active is more effective than chanting and signs."

Others say it's something worth fighting for. An anonymous small business owner said, "It's incredibly hard to get by. I know, I live the daily reality that the deck is totally stacked for the big corporations."

The group planned to reconvene around 6:00 Saturday night to continue the Occupy Charlottesville protest. There is no end time or date for the demonstration.

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