"Realty of Self Defense" Presentation

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A group of realtors got physical Thursday morning in Albemarle County. The sheriff's office spent time with the women to teach them self defense skills.

The realtors got hands on training on how to stop an attack. They are often left alone while showing properties to strangers, and organizers say this first basic lesson is a good first step.

Albemarle County Deputy Sheriff Andy Ballard said, "It's the refuse to be a victim. We just want these ladies to feel comfortable in their job and feel comfortable in life. Not just showing the houses but in real life out on the streets if somebody was attacked, the things they can do to defend themselves, to protect themselves."

"The "Realty of Self Defense" presentation is available to any group who wants the class. For details, call the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office at (434) 972-4001.