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Widow of Buckingham Man Shot Thursday Night Speaks Out

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Jeremy Farley, the man shot to death Thursday night in Buckingham County after a squaring off with authorities, died with his family watching. Now, there are many questions surrounding the shooting. Friday afternoon, his widow sat down with NBC29 to tell her story.

Linda Farley, Jeremy Farley's wife, gave her own perspective from Thursday night, filling in details that state police investigators will not release. Farley says her husband didn't have to die, and that an unnecessary pull of the trigger, changed her children's lives forever.

According to state police, Buckingham County deputies responded to a domestic issue Thursday night on the 3300 block of Slate River Mill Road in Dillwyn. The family says the dispute happened between Farley and his sister.

State police say there was an exchange of gunfire between Farley and the law enforcement, which ended in his death. Farley's wife says the deputies used a taser on him, which caused him to pull the trigger accidentally.

"He doesn't believe in killing and, it just, the whole situation went just really wrong when it didn't need to," said Linda Farley.

She said the deputies' shots were excessive and unnecessary. Linda Farley said there was one shot fired from her husband's gun, a weapon she says is usually not loaded around the house.

"He never kept it loaded. That day, I don't know why it was loaded. I do know it wasn't to hurt anybody," said Farley.

She also said there were things police could have done to save her husband's life last night.

The only piece of information released by state police on Friday was the victim's name. Virginia State Police Spokesperson Deborah Cox said investigators were out all night checking out the scene in Dillwyn. Other than that, no other details have been released by state investigators, or the Buckingham sheriff.

"They ripped a part a family," said Farley. "It didn't need to happen."

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